Collective, class, and representative wage-and-hour cases present unique challenges for companies. Unlike single-plaintiff disputes, wage-and-hour cases often implicate a company’s entire workforce. Combined with strong labor laws; the ease of employees suing; and the technical, complex, and potentially crippling nature of the claims, wage-and-hour cases present the perfect storm and the single biggest legal threat to employers. These cases are increasing—in any given year, newly filed aggregate wage-and-hour cases routinely outpace new filings for all other types of employment lawsuits. When it comes to wage-and-hour litigation, the stakes are too high to leave your defense to just anyone.

Our Wage-and-Hour Team focuses on defending against the threat posed by individual, class, and collective wage-and-hour actions filed in state and federal court. This team of attorneys brings decades of experience and come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from former plaintiffs’-side class action attorneys to federal law clerks who assisted judges on wage-and-hour cases. As wage-and-hour specialists focused on practical solutions and proven results, we have defended against every conceivable wage-and-hour claim, including, meal and rest period violations; regular rate of pay cases; off-the-clock work; reimbursement claims; and misclassification cases impacting virtually every industry in the country. Our team represents clients in every forum and context, ranging from nationwide collective actions in federal court to class actions against smaller employers in local courts, including employers with unionized and shared workforces.

Our Wage-and-Hour attorneys work collaboratively and in partnership with clients and experts to craft and execute a defense tailored to our client’s business objectives in a cost-effective manner at each point of a lawsuit’s life cycle. We listen and pay attention. If trial becomes necessary, our trial lawyers have a proven track record in exposing the weaknesses in plaintiffs’ claims; presenting a  successful wage-and-hour defense to judges and juries; and succeeding at trial.