Just as every football team needs a skilled quarterback to help navigate difficult plays, when complicated legal issues arise within companies, companies need a leader to step in and execute a swift resolution.

Let us be your legal quarterback.

Small and medium-sized businesses often do not have the resources to hire an in-house general counsel. As a result of this, business owners may find themselves overwhelmed by the hiring and supervising of a multitude of different attorneys. O’Hagan Meyer cuts out the middle man. By providing these businesses with general counsel services on an ‘as-needed basis,’ O’Hagan Meyer is able to deliver affordable and expert legal service tailored to fit your company’s needs. We are capable of working with other specialized attorneys to knowledgeably service our clients in a collaborative and skilled manner. Considering important factors such as a client’s budget and timeline, O’Hagan Meyer attorneys advocate for each individual case to ensure that matters are resolved promptly and efficiently.