At O’Hagan Meyer, we understand that the fast-paced evolution of automated employment decision tools and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies pose unique legal challenges for businesses across various industries. Our AI Practice Group brings together seasoned attorneys from diverse fields, including Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data Innovation, Labor & Employment, and Technology Regulatory practices. We are committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to navigate the complex landscape of AI-related issues.

Services We Offer:

1. Counseling: Our AI Practice Group provides strategic legal advice to companies at the forefront of developing AI technologies. Whether you are a startup pioneering innovative AI solutions or an established company integrating AI into your operations, we offer guidance to ensure compliance with evolving legal standards.

2. Regulatory Response: In the ever-changing regulatory environment surrounding AI, our team is well-versed in crafting effective responses to regulatory inquiries. We assist clients in navigating the intricacies of compliance, helping them adapt to new regulations and respond promptly to regulatory challenges.

3. Litigation: Our experienced litigators are prepared to advocate for our clients when legal disputes arise. We handle AI-related litigation matters, including class actions based on the use of AI, with precision, offering effective representation in courtrooms and alternative dispute resolution forums.

4. Transactional Matters and IP: Our AI Practice Group facilitates smooth transactions involving the acquisition or transfer of data and intellectual property rights. We work to protect our clients’ interests while ensuring that their AI-related transactions align with legal requirements and industry best practices.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Data Privacy and Security: Our team addresses the critical aspects of data privacy and security in the context of AI technologies, helping clients safeguard sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations.
  • AI Policy and Ethics: We assist clients in formulating and implementing AI policies that align with ethical standards and legal requirements, promoting responsible AI development and deployment.
  • Labor & Employment: Our attorneys navigate the intersection of AI and employment law, ensuring that companies deploying AI technologies adhere to labor and employment regulations.
  • Technology Regulatory: We provide guidance on compliance with technology regulations, helping clients navigate the intricate regulatory landscape associated with AI.