Attorneys in the Asbestos Defense and Toxic Torts Group at O’Hagan Meyer are experienced in the defense of mass tort lawsuits arising from environmental and occupational exposure to chemicals and other substances. Our attorneys have experience as national, regional, and local mass tort litigation counsel in matters involving exposure to asbestos, talc, benzene, and other organic compounds and petrochemicals.

These lawsuits have involved diverse circumstances of exposure and a variety of medical conditions, including restrictive and obstructive lung diseases, occupational asthma, cancers of various types, neurological dysfunctions, and the alleged need for medical monitoring.

Our Toxic Tort lawyers have substantial experience partnering with our clients to defend personal injury claims. We work with our clients not only to defend claims, but also to develop strategies to reduce the risk of future lawsuits and to efficiently and effectively budget for the defense of the litigation. Our attorneys coordinate and prepare pleadings and discovery responses, conduct client interviews, brief and argue pretrial motions on the sufficiency of expert witness testimony, defend company employees at depositions, and prepare for trial in a consistent and cost-effective manner.