Virginia has been named the top state for business in 2019 by CNBC, and Amazon agrees! Attracted by the state’s tech talent, Amazon decided to house their second headquarters in Arlington and is promising to bring 25,000 jobs to the state. Charlie Meyer is helping to lead the way in his role as Chair of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. As Charlie shared, “The Amazon story represents one of many success stories that the Virginia Chamber is proud to announce as Virginia continues to promote pro business legislation, reduce the burden of excessive regulation, and create a favorable business and legal climate for all businesses. By implementing Blueprint Virginia, the Virginia Chamber looks forward to continued success as we partner with the business community, policymakers, and stakeholders to create opportunities that are good not only for Virginia business but for all Virginians.”

With over 30 attorneys in our offices in Richmond and Alexandria, we are excited about representing Virginia businesses in their employment, commercial, and other matters and share the same commitment to exceptional client service that all of our attorneys provide from our 12 offices located across the country.

Check out CNBC’s video and article here.