O’Hagan Meyer Attorneys Jamie Filipovic and Katherine Gloede win dismissal with prejudice in an employment retaliation case.  After the defendant municipality won summary judgment in federal court on the discrimination claims filed by three white Plaintiffs, the Plaintiffs filed in state court on the state law retaliation claims alleging they were terminated because they complained of discrimination.  We moved to dismiss the state law claims on the bases that the charge was only filed with the EEOC, not the IDHR and they were now time barred from doing so. The EEOC Charge did not include claims of retaliation, the municipality was not their employer, and two of the Complainants did not even show they were involved in protected activity to state a cause of action for retaliation – instead they tried to rely upon a complaint made by one of the other Plaintiffs.  The Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division Judge granted our motion on all bases, with prejudice.