Llano Financing is purchasing certain rights pertaining to foreclosed debt from lenders and then filing lawsuits against appraisers under the pretense of professional liability claims. O’Hagan, LLC has been selected by several groups of appraisers to combat the onslaught of suits that have been brought by Llano Financing.

Llano Financing files these cases in many jurisdictions and the filings are climbing.  The complaints in almost all the cases are nearly identical except for a few details about the underlying appraisal and property.

The Real Estate and Appraisal defense team at O’Hagan LLC has developed several strategies to defeat these cases in their infancy. We are equipped to apply these strategies throughout the country and specifically to cases in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  If we cannot directly handle your matter in a particular state, we can find and assist local counsel by sharing our experiences from our other cases.   If you have any questions or need assistance in a case against Llano Financing, please contact Kevin O’Hagan at 312-422-6120 or kohagan@nullohaganlaw.com.