Jamie Filipovic and Julie Pearce successfully achieved a dismissal on behalf of a Chicago-area condominium cooperative, management company, and President of the cooperative board, in a lawsuit brought by a former Board member who was removed from the Board. Filipovic and Pearce successfully argued that the management company had no claims against a property management company for failing to produce documents under the Condominium Property Act, as that duty lies with the Association. Filipovic and Pearce successfully argued that the former Board President was protected under the Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act, and as a volunteer Board member, could not be held liable for mistakes in business judgment, absent willful wrongdoing. Filipovic and Pearce further persuaded the court that even if Plaintiff could make a claim, there were simply no damages. The Court dismissed the case for the second time, allowing the Plaintiff leave to re-file to the extent that they had different allegations to support their claims, which Plaintiff was unable to do, and the case was dismissed.